About Us


Empire of Bees is an Australian owned and designed ethical and sustainable label, based on slow fashion principles. Every item has been thoughtfully hand-crafted, using up-cycled fabrics and quality leather, and is sustainably produced by hand with the environment in mind. 
The inspiration for the brand came from the desire to create quality, handmade goods in an industry that was all but overrun by fast fashion. Our label is continually committed to creating products that outlast a season in style and quality, while adding a unique handmade touch to every piece. As a brand we do not want to add to the negative noise of consumerism, but provide a counter-offer to the fast fashion items flooding the market.
All products are made in Indonesia by independent artisans with whom we work directly. We do this to ensure the conditions for our workers are safe and so we know they’re being paid a fair wage. This (versus factory-made) is not the easy route for a designer, but it’s the only one that sits well with us and our values of slow and ethical production. Majority of our bags are sewn using foot peddled sewing machines, our talented Tailor’s preferred tools of the trade.
We aim to make bags that last a lifetime, not just a season!